Associate Dean, Humanities and Social/Behavioral Science

The Associate Dean, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science, School of General Studies and Academic Support is responsible for planning, management and evaluation of the humanities and social/behavioral science courses. The Associate Dean also has some responsibility for oversight of the Child Development Center. This position reports to the Dean, School of General Studies and Academic Support. Specific responsibilities include:
Represents academic programs and services in College planning processes and decision-making
Assists in effectively managing the allocation of resources within the School, including processing purchase order requests and invoices
Involves faculty and staff members in actively participating in evaluation and improvement of processes within the College
Provides directional leadership in aligning the School and its members with College competencies and the achievement of strategic goals
Facilitates processes to ensure that results of academic review and assessment of student learning outcomes are used to improve instruction
Direct responsibility for and supervision of recruiting, hiring, orienting, coaching, mentoring and evaluating of faculty and staff, both full time and part time
Provides leadership in faculty and staff development especially in response to a changing educational environment
Assists the Dean in developing and implementing a comprehensive vision to action plan around programs and course offerings
Assists faculty in new instructional methods and innovative learning strategies
Provides leadership for and assists in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating humanities and social/behavioral science courses
Assists with identifying processes that foster student learning, effective teaching, and meaningful curriculums of study resulting in the achievement of identified outcomes
Monitors the effectiveness of instruction and works with appropriate personnel to improve as necessary
Collaborates with faculty in recruiting, advising, orientation, and retention efforts of students enrolled in the School
Acts as a liaison with relevant community agencies, senior colleges and universities, businesses, industries, secondary schools, and peer institutions in order to respond effectively to community needs and concerns
Partners with business, industry, civic, governmental, and other organizations to promote the College
Prepares reports and responds to requests for information from students, faculty, staff, and members of the community
Coordinates the instructional process through appropriate planning, completion of scheduling activities, and ensuring adequacy of supplies, equipment, and facilities
Direct responsibility for and supervision of teaching assignments, course schedules and course set up
Coordinates substitute faculty assignments and class coverage
Coordinates curricula and catalog changes
Coordinates processes for syllabi and textbooks
Coordinates advisory board membership and meetings
Facilitates communication and collaboration among members of the School
Works with faculty and staff to address student issues and discipline problems using appropriate policy and procedures
Collaborates with other areas of the College in fulfilling the College's mission
Encourages faculty and staff to become engaged in the campus and community as appropriate
Participates in College and School meetings and events
Performs other tasks as assigned that support the mission and initiatives of the College
Qualifications Required:
Masters' degree from a regionally accredited institution
A minimum of two years teaching experience at a community college
Two years successful management experience in higher education, preferably at a community college
Experience in the supervision of academic divisions/departments
Demonstrated commitment to assessment and evaluation of courses and programs
Skill in the use of computers and commitment to using technology
Familiarity with MS Office 2010
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Demonstrated ability to work effectively and collegially with others
Ability to provide leadership in anticipating and responding to change
Proven ability to build and maintain relationships across the college community
Commitment to the mission of a comprehensive community college as it relates to the national completion agenda
Demonstrated commitment to a student-centered philosophy and approach to learning
Willingness to work a flexible schedule including day, evening, and weekend hours at multiple sites
Effectiveness in the following College organizational competencies:
- Translating College purpose, values, and vision into organizational action
- Collaborating and facilitating
- Creating and innovating
- Anticipating and responding to change
- Providing vision and leadership
- Assessment of student learning
- Engagement and assessment of successful student retention models
ADA requirements for this position include critical thinking skills with the ability to process information and exercise good judgment; ease of mobility within the work environment and other areas of campus and College locations; travel between campus locations may be required; and effective use of all forms of communication including use of computers.
Salary Range:
$55,798 - $72,537 per year based on candidate's experience, education, and the state budget

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